Welcome to Plastic-Soldier.com. This is my digital home, if you will.

Here I will probably have the blog linked first thing once I get it up and running, but for now this will be the portal to the different sections of my site, as well as to my other sites. Many sections will be updated as I go and other pages added of course.

So the sections on this site are as follows:
Blog: A place for my ranmblings of course! (coming soon)
Portfolio: A place to showcase my past work
Links: Places of interest and images for linking to here
Fanlistings: Random listings i've joined for which I am a fan of their content
Downloads: A place where I will put up wallpapers I've created to share
Contact: If you need to contact me for something
About: About me, this site, other random facts/tidbits

First off, my portfolio and design site is called "Plastic Soldier Designs"

There I try to keep it updated with the work I have done, so that I can show what I can do if anyone would like to hire me to do a site design for them.

Secondly my longest running project is my Matthew Good/Matthew Good Band fansite, "Disorientation".

Named after one of the first "manifestos" I ever read (for those interested, they are on Disorientation for your reading pleasure). This site was started way back in 2001 as a project for a computer class. I've of course kept it running ever since. I don't get around to updating it as much as I used to due to lack of time in general, but I won't let it die off just because of that.

Both of which are of course linked at the very top of this site. I've made all of my sites have a "Network" bar across the top for easy navigation through to each of my sites. Whatever site you are on will of course be omitted from the links.
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