These are the layouts that I had back on imgarbage.com, for plastic-soldier.com past layouts please click here.

Version 1.0 - Undergrads
I watched Undergrads a lot around the time I made this layout. Then it was always reruns and got very boring, and I never had anything else done for that layout, just the main page, I never really intended for that layout to go anywhere.

Version 2.0 - Scrubs
Scrubs is one of my favourite TV shows. This layout didn't get much done with it. I liked it how it was but it wasn't quite working out how I wanted it to.

Version 3.0
Um, this was my no theme layout, I quite like the way it turned out, and actually got other pages working with it. The letters on the header where drawn by my friend Martine. I still like the layout, but I just got bored of it.

Version 4.0 - Matt and The Stocker
This was the original layout of the version 4 series, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be, and there was way too much HTML coding going on all over the place with it. Tables within tables within tables quite annoying.

Version 4.1 - Matt and The Stocker
This was the second layout of the version 4 series, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be, yet again. So it only being up a few days, I changed it again.

Version 4.2 - Matt and The Stocker
This was the third layout of the version 4 series, I quite like the way it turned out. Its a mixture of 4.0 and 4.1. Only reason it isn't still up is because I get bored of things quickly, and I don't like using i-frames so much. It's annoying to show someone a page, have to have them go to the main page, then click the link. Rather than direct link, and if I did it just looked dumb because of the way it was set up.

Version 5.0 - gob
This one is one of my favourites. I like the way it turned out, and I like the colours and just the entire layout, turned out quite nicely.

Version 5.1 - gob
This one is just a modified one of the above version, I was originally going to make it a The Distillers layout, but the image wasn't working properly for me, so it became a second version of the gob layout because I still quite liked the colours and didn't want to get rid of them.

Version 6 - The Matrix: Reloaded
I had got this idea just a few days before The Matrix: Reloaded came out. And then I finished the layout and got it up just a couple days after the release of The Matrix: Reloaded and my seeing it. Its a very simple layout, but it looks good and did its job well. Certain sections of the site had different tops on them, it was to try to add some variety to the layout and still keep the layout the same. Click the tops image next to the layout screenshot to get a larger look at the other 4 tops to the design.

Version 7 - Alarmbell
I liked this layout, was simple, and easy to navigate. But then I was playing Super Mario Bros DX, and wanted to have a layout for that more-so, so then I took some screenshots, and made a Super Mario layout. It was easy to do because this layout was i-frame so only one page of layout was what there was and the others just needed the CSS changed to work. I donated this layout, modified a bit, to Casey for her fansite of the band.

Version 8 - Super Mario
I was playing Super Mario Bros. DX (game boy colour version of the first Nintendo one) and decided that it would make an awesome layout. That version of the Super Mario layout would still be up if it were not for the bottom alignment that I needed for that to look correct with. The layout was a bit too tall for people with 800x600 screen resolutions. The bottom alignment would make it so in the smaller browser windows the top would be cut off.

Version 8.1 - Super Mario
This was the second version of the Super Mario layout. It worked a lot better on smaller resolutions, I didn't want to change from this layout to the new one, but I like to change my layout often, and in a way I did get tired of seeing Super Mario almost going to squash the goomba but never getting there.

Version 9 - Gwen Stefani
I was listening to No Doubt and decided I wanted a No Doubt or Gwen Stefani themed layout. I tried a few ideas and image for the Gwen layout and that was the best working and best looking one that I got. It was quite the change from the Mario themed layout.
Version 10 - Matthew Good
This layout was my favourite, I didn't want to get rid of it. I fiddled with different text sizes for the lyrics (from 21st Century Living) and it turned out very well, it was the first time i ever did it and I loved it.

Hiatus - Christopher Walken
I used the same style of text for the hiatus image as i did in the previous layout. The lyrics are from Weapon of Choice and the image of Chris is from the video for that song. BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!

Version 11 - Skin
I scanned this image off my hoodie, and the comment i got from everyone was "I see nipple!" I liked it for the simplicity but it was just a temporary simple layout until my brain would work again. I was more focused on getting my portfolio/design site done.

Version 12 - Mudmen
I was sort of tired of things at my site when I made this layout. There was no blog on it, and it was a very simple design. An image i got from the Mudmen's official site and some editing around the edges of it. Not much too it, but it worked. It also featured a splash page :-o!

Version 13 - Matthew Good
I was fiddling around in photoshop and I liked the effect I got on the image, so I changed it into a layout, and added lyrics from Rico by Matthew Good Band (which is also where "imgarbage" [i'm garbage] comes from). There was a blog on there, but it messed up and wouldn't show up, but it was just around when I was going to put the site on another hiatus so I did, while I went camping and then worked on the next layout.

Version 14 - Limblifter
I had a totally different idea that I was going for with this layout, but it just didn't want to work out for me and became this. The white stars under the upside down Limblifter was the navigation. I think in some browsers the damn affiliates where off a bit and too high, so it looked crappy. and I forgot to make the background not repeat so on larger resolutions it wasn't that great either. but the layout was quite good i think. simple and did its job.

Version 15 - Hawksley Workman
I was bored, and this came of that, I really liked it for its simplicity :) and that Hawksley Workman rocks!

Version 16 - Brand New
I was just fiddling around with images and liked how the Brand New one looked, so I decided it could become part of a layout, and there ya go.

Version 17 - Brody Dalle
This was just a temporary layout, while I came up with some better idea. But it of course lasted a tiny bit longer than I wanted. And was also the final layout of the imgarbage.com days. But Even if it was a temporary layout, it featured Brody Dalle and she is fucking hot, so it was okay to stay up ;) And yes I know the screenshot says "plastic-soldier.com" on it, but it is the same layout used on the last version of imgarbage.com and when i changed urls I didn't have a design ready, so i changed the text on that layout. But because it was just a "hold you over" type layout for p-s.com. it only counts as an imgarbage.com layout.
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