Here is a mini-portfolio of sorts for the past layouts of Plastic-Soldier.com!
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I also have included a section for when I was using www.imgarbage.com as my main site. For those go here if you'd like to look at them.

Version 3 - Army Of Darkness

Version 3 featured Army Of Darkness! Bruce Campbell is at the top of my favourite actors list, Army Of Darkenss is damn well near the top for favourite movies. The comics are pretty damn awesome, and I really like this image,

Version 2 - Superman

This layout came about as sort of a temporary change-over while I was trying to think up a neat layout idea. As you can see it wasn't even totally finished, the header section was pretty empty.

Version 1 - The Distillers
This is the first official layout for plastic-soldier.com. It featured The Distillers. I scanned the header image from an issue of Alternative Press.

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